Retail Furnishing for Jewellers

A space designed to make every product sparkle.

Retail furnishing for jewellers

Aluma 3 has been creating retail furniture for top-notch customers since 1988. Our integral instore services cycle covers everything from design and development to manufacture and installation at the point of sale. Thanks to this methodology, backed by a multitude of successful projects, we guarantee a high level of excellence in everything we do. We’ll be with you all the way, until we’ve created the sales space you need to boost your business. We’re your partner in creating the perfect jeweller’s where each item on display will sparkle. Contact us with no obligation and let us tell you how we work and about our exclusive services for jewellers.

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Integral Furnishing and Interior Design Projects for Jewellers

We are specialists in designing and developing, manufacturing and installing complete projects for furniture for jewellers. Over thirty years’ experience with major clients gives us the know-how to cover the entire project cycle, guaranteeing total quality and professionalism in the end product.

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Design and Interior Design

We design the ideal space for sales. We design and develop integral projects for jewellers.

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We control the entire process at our own factory. We use cutting edge technology to manufacture our furniture.

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Our teams of installers apply the highest levels of excellence to their work. We always ensure a perfect result.

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We also offer a maintenance service that guarantees that your furniture is always up to date and requires no expensive repairs or replacements.

Furnishing for Jewellers

We design and make furniture for jewellers designed with the specific needs of this type of retail business in mind. Design, functionality and safety to display and sell your products.

Counters for Jewellers

They are one of the essential elements in a jeweller’s. They function as a display and sales space during the shopping process with the customer. The counter can be single, continuous or be divided into different areas of the store, to create a sales itinerary for products.

They can be of mid height, and accompanied by chairs when the interior design requires this type of layout. If on the other hand you want a faster sales process, you can raise the height of the counter, and include a display case to show products, and interior drawers with locks and security systems.

Display Cases for Jewellers

Display cases are vitally important for jewellers. They are a frame for displaying products and a lot of store space is given over to them. Display cases are essential for ensuring that the product looks as attractive as possible, and that’s where lighting plays a pivotal role.

The design and development process enables us to make display cases for jewellers with whatever materials and technical specifications are needed.

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A crucial feature in any jewellery furnishing project, lighting is the key to giving presence to a product via highlights, shadows and body. In projects such as these we carry out detailed work on the materials that show up these nuances and their interaction with the jewels, in order to create lighting systems that boost, magnify and help in the sales process, efficiently and with minimum power consumption.

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Storage is a high priority feature for a jeweller’s given the product they sell. There are different types of furniture specially adapted for this purpose: drawers with a security lock, in dresser format, integrated into the display case, etc. Above all, they should offer security and convenience for the seller and not interfere visually with the other furniture.