Luxury retail furniture projects

These are some of the integral retail furniture design projects we’ve developed for our clients. We work with leading brands in the field of retail furniture design, development, production and installation. We are backed by more than three decades of experience working with some of the largest retail spaces in Spain.

Experts in luxury retail furniture

Aluma 3 has been creating retail furniture for top-notch customers since 1988. We cover the entire cycle of in-store services, from design to maintenance, using our own proven work methodology backed by a multitude of successful projects.

We cover the full cycle of in-store services, and we guarantee the deadline, quality and safety of all our projects. From the design of the concept of the piece to its installation, always seeking a balance between growth, care for the environment and social well-being. We enjoy making the buyer’s experience unique and unbeatable.

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What is retail furniture?

Retail and commercial furniture is the furniture that is specially designed for a physical point of sale. The object is to provide a place to display the customer’s products and to enhance the shopping experience. Having the right furniture has a direct influence on increased retail sales.

The aim is to create an attractive, creative and functional environment that enhances the customer experience, and at the same time shows the identity of your brand. That is why our team takes care of every detail to achieve the best results.

Our full cycle methodology

We conceive the retail project from start to finish, working together with the client from the idea to the installation of the retail furniture. We cover the entire instore service cycle in-house: design, technical development, manufacture, installation and maintenance, thus ensuring final quality, optimizing costs and guaranteeing delivery times.

We achieve this efficiency in the previous planning that we carry out for each phase of the project. This allows us to be flexible, to foresee, to immediately solve any unexpected problems and to ensure on-time delivery.

The ultimate goal of our methodology is to accompany our clients in all stages of the implementation process and save resources and time that can be used to improve business results.

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We are experts in the design of retail furniture and unique commercial spaces for leading domestic and international brands. Our multidisciplinary team works together on the integral design of the space.

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From technical planning to the finished product, the entire process of manufacturing retail furniture is carefully controlled. We have the equipment and the human resources to undertake all kinds of retain furniture manufacturing.

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The final step in the process is the installation of the retail furniture at the point of sale. Thanks to our planning processes and our years of experience, we are extremely efficient in the installation phase.

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Our retail maintenance model is based on offering full-service maintenance and repairs of retail furniture. This service keeps the retail space in perfect condition and up to date at all times.


Retail Experts

With 30 years of experience in the in-store sector, we have built a solid reputation by designing and developing innovative retail furniture solutions for the top brands at the leading retail locations in Spain. The added value we offer is our deep understanding of the types of services these companies need and the ability to adapt our methodology to offer them the best results in terms of time, quality and cost.

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Sectors we serve

We specialize in retail furniture for perfumeries, cosmetics, beauty, fashion and jewellery retailers, among others. We know how to convert the customer’s ideas into a perfectly finished product carefully adapted to the space constraints and assembly conditions.


What is Retail Furniture Design?

The design of retail furniture is the set of actions leading to the production of furniture for retail spaces such as stores or shopping centres under a common theme. There are different aspects to be considered in the design of retail furniture such as the intended purpose, colours, materials, internal or external lighting, sustainability, etc.

As experts in the design of retail furniture and unique retail spaces, our projects start from the ground up, converting ideas into the first sketches on paper. A large part of our work process depends on this phase, where we visualize the client’s needs in preparation for the planning and design of the entire retail project.

Our Design Methodology

We study each proposed timing milestone with the client, along with the objectives and limitations to be considered.

We know that our clients need viable ideas in term of price, turnaround and quality, which is why we place so much emphasis on technical development in the initial stages of the project. The first phase of our methodology involves an overview of the project, identifying in detail all of the aspects related to design, manufacturing and final assembly. Our goal on every project is to build retail spaces that enhance the shopping experience, contribute added value and help to position the brand in the consumer’s mind.


Viable Ideas

We identify the needs as a preliminary step in the design process to shape your ideas, because devising a clear plan for the project ensures the best results. We listen to the customer’s ideas. For customers who have their own shops, their ideas are usually informed by their own experience. For particular brands, we study the guidelines to be followed, since those common elements are the ones that make the retail space recognizable anywhere in the world.


Development Area

This process involves designers, engineers, interior decorators, and manufacturing and materials experts. Our methodology is based on designing integral retail and commercial furniture projects to which each member of the team contributes his or her expertise.



For our team, it is essential to be able to answer questions like: How can this item be manufactured? How many parts are needed? How can we keep the total cost under control? How can the same concept be adapted to different spaces or shops? What is required for manufacturing and what is the time frame? How is the furniture transported and how is it installed at the point of sale? By adding value and optimizing the process, we can convert design ideas into something tangible that can then be produced.


The Shopping Experience

All of our projects are distinctive and customized for each client. The key to our methodology is bringing our more than 30 years of experience in the business to bear in each particular case. Attention is paid to every detail in order to offer the customer a fully guaranteed perfect result.

Our mission is to preserve and protect the image of the brands with which we work through the correct embodiment of their essence in the retail furniture, aligned with their mission, vision and values.

Our Vision of Retail Furniture Design

Our primary goal is to accompany the customer during the entire process, leveraging our experience with top of the line brands. We believe in integral retail projects where every detail is planned, from the definition of requirements to the final installation at the point of sale. We strive for excellent results and satisfied customers.