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Commercial furnishings for luxury perfumeries and cosmetics stores

Aluma 3 offers a top quality service to luxury perfume and cosmetics clients. We have worked hand in hand for over 30 years with the very best brands, catering to their needs for impeccable results, optimised costs and the security of knowing that we always meet their deadlines. Our integral instore cycle methodology guarantees our clients a complete, incident-free process, from design, technical development and manufacturing, to final installation of the furniture in the store.

Mobiliario retail de lujo

The keys for your success: quality, flexibility, optimal costs and delivery on time.

Our integral instore services cycle methodology offers you maximum convenience so that you can spend your valuable time on other more important aspects of your business. We’re there through every stage of your retail project: design, technical development, manufacture and installation. That way we can predict and propose solutions and improvements throughout the entire process. We take care of everything to make the perfumery you always dreamed of a reality, and we do it on schedule and ready for you to start selling.

If you’re thinking of creating your luxury perfumery and cosmetics store, click on the button or contact us with no obligation.

Integral Furnishing and Interior Design Projects for Perfumeries and Cosmetics Stores

Make more time for yourself and use it to work on other more important issues of setting up a store. We’ll take on the job of monitoring every phase of the furnishing process so you only have to make the necessary decisions at the right time. From design, technical development and manufacturing, right up to installation. Over thirty years of experience with major clients is our guarantee of high-quality standards, optimal costs and delivery right on time.

Diseño de mobiliario comercial

Design and Interior Design

We design the ideal space for selling. We draw up 2D and 3D plans, and 360º virtual visits. These simulation tools provide an experience that you can almost touch, so you can make all the right decisions. We manage all the details, especially during the technical development, to ensure an ideal manufacturing process.

Fabricación de Mobiliario Comercial


We control the entire production process at our own facilities. More than 6,000 m2 of space with state-of-the-art machinery, robots for automated manufacturing, paint cabins, plotters, and our in-house experts in retail furniture.

Instalación de Mobiliario Comercial


We have our own team of certified installers and assemblers who apply the highest levels of excellence and safety to their work, to bring about the best results in retail furnishing.

Mantenimiento de Espacios Comerciales y Mobiliario


We also offer a maintenance service that guarantees that your perfumery is up to date and requires no expensive repairs or replacements.

Furniture for Perfumeries and Cosmetics Stores

We design and make furniture for perfumeries and cosmetics stores designed with the specific needs of this type of retail business in mind. Design, functionality, safety and differentiation for the exhibition and sale of products.

Lines and Display Stands for Perfumeries and Cosmetics Stores

The lines and display stands at perfumeries and cosmetics stores act as a focal point for streamlined and unique product display. The choice of line and glazed display cases can be an added value in highlighting products that need more differentiation and care. Luxury perfumeries often involve more select shopping decisions, and glazed display cases draw the customer towards the sales staff. The aim is to offer the customer more attention and guidance, to provide a better shopping experience and the chance to make a more comprehensive and personalised sale.


The counters at luxury perfumeries can also help in the shopping decision process and not just function as a closed point of sale. Counters can be glass tables with spaces designed specifically for branded products. They are a very important space in a perfumery, and have chairs or armchairs around them to offer customers the attention they need. A mechanism like this one can help to create a more personalised shopping and premium experience, where the customer can sample products on a one-to-one basis  together with the shop assistants and decide on the purchase.

Mostrador Loewe


Gondolas are retail elements to create settings, shopping flows and unique spaces. Gondolas can be used in perfumeries and cosmetics stores as a support for hero products, with the option of playing with the lighting and design. They’re also a tool to incite customers to buy, with a highly visible and well-ordered display of the brand’s product range. When gondolas are used for luxury cosmetics, every space is carefully studied, designed and elaborated, so as to create specific spaces for each product. Lighting plays a key role in this type of furniture, as it highlights the products on display.

Góndolas perfumería

Integral projects for perfumeries and cosmetics stores

Thinking about your luxury perfumery and cosmetics store project entails some decisions about the personality of your space, because this unique character will be impregnated in every detail, from the furniture to the lighting. The ideal atmosphere for high-end products is one that gives off a feeling of cleanliness, spaciousness, trust, sustainability and differentiation. Aluma 3 wants to be your partner for your perfumery and cosmetics retail project. We’ll work with you from start to end, taking care of every little detail to make your ideas a reality and ensure that your business makes sales.

If you’re thinking of creating your luxury perfumery and cosmetics store, click on the button or contact us with no obligation.