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We install retail spaces

The installation of retail spaces is the process of transporting and installing the furniture designed and manufactured for a retail project. There are numerous time and operational constraints that must be considered in the preliminary planning process.

We specialize in the installation of furniture for perfumeries, cosmetics, jewellery, fashion, luxury retail and department stores. With our experience, we can undertake any type of project.

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Work Methodology

As part of our work methodology for installing the furniture in the physical retail space, we iron out all the details of the installation beforehand. We plan all the phases of projected space, transitioning seamlessly from initial design to the point of sale.

What gives us an advantage is our thorough understanding of the constraints on these types of installations, since the work is usually done at night when shops and shopping centres are closed. There is little time to complete the installation so there can be no last-minute surprises. Without a doubt, planning and experience are the two cornerstones of Aluma3’s installation services.


Our team specializes in the assembly and installation of furniture for large retail spaces, planning down to the last millimetre and doing it in record time. We study the plans down to the smallest detail in order to analyse the assembly process and establish clear guidelines


We have extensive experience with assembly projects for corporations and multinationals, so we understand their logistics and specific needs. From the characteristics and guidelines to be followed, to the number of electrical sockets or the personnel needed to achieve a perfect result in a matter of hours.


With our comprehensive work methodology, customers and teams are assured of ideal results, with no surprises. With the Aluma3 team, you can rest assured that the design plans will be transferred to the physical space without changes once the project moves to the installation phase.

Sectors we serve

We specialize in commercial installations for sectors such as perfumery, beauty, luxury, cosmetics, jewellery, small appliances, etc. We install retail spaces at the main points of sale and have first-hand knowledge of the installation details for all of these sectors.
We install retail spaces at the main points of sale, adapting the entire process to the customer’s schedule.

Shopping Centres

We are specialists in integral projects to be installed in shopping centres. Our experience and methodology allow us to plan down to the last detail with one hundred percent success.

Retail Stores

We deal with all types of integral retail projects, from design to installation. We design and manufacture retail furniture, lighting and other elements using the required materials or designs.

Travel Retail Areas

We work on projects for shops and commercial spaces located inside airports. Applying our methodology, we’re able to approach design, manufacturing transport and installation under highly complex conditions.

Large Spaces

This is another area of expertise. We cover the entire life cycle of the project for large retail spaces. We specialize in designing the spaces assigned in the plans in such a way as to get the maximum benefit and optimize each piece of retail furniture.

If you need to install your commercial furniture Click on the button, or if you prefer, get information without any compromise.