We keep your furniture
and your business "alive"

Retail Store Maintenance

The maintenance of retail stores comprises the set of actions and tasks aimed at caring for, maintaining, enhancing and updating the retail furniture at a physical point of sale.

The last thing customers want to see at a point of sale is a “Closed for maintenance” sign. What they do expect to find is a pleasant atmosphere that helps them make their purchasing decision. This is only possible when the retail furniture is in perfect condition and the promotional materials are up to date.

Our retail maintenance proposal consists of a comprehensive service exclusive for our customers that includes updating and repairing retail furniture, with an unbeatable advantage: it keeps the furniture looking new at all times, reducing costs thanks to constant supervision.

Exclusive Maintenance Service for our Customers

Our retail maintenance service includes a preventive function that minimizes the cost of keeping your furniture up to date. Unlike other services, our supervision is constant and proactive. We anticipate problems, generating immediate and lasting solutions.


Maintenance and Conservation

We restore elements that have been deteriorated with the passage of time or wear and tear, such as laminates, lacquers, glass, roofing materials, etc. We can restore and recondition furniture items in the retail space rather than eliminate them.



A burnt out or dim light in your commercial furniture projects a negative image of your point of sale. We change blown or low-performing light bulbs for the best lighting quality. We can produce and replace complete visual circuits for occasional or permanent promotions.


Eco Technology

We work with eco-efficient materials and the latest technology, which allows us to reduce costs and create more sustainable projects. Our product catalogue is adapted to the needs and the demand for sustainability of the brands we work with, increasingly aware of these requirements on the part of manufacturers.

Our Philosophy

We are our customers’ partners. Our service philosophy is that the sales space should always be in perfect condition and up to date. We believe in long term relationships with our customers, which allows us to offer them truly personalized solutions.

The results speak for themselves

We have earned the trust of the leading luxury and consumer brands over the course of more than 30 years. Ours is a family-owned company spanning two generations of retailers who love their profession and a highly qualified team of which we are proud.