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Retail Furniture Manufacturers

The process of manufacturing retail furniture comprises a series of industrial processes whose end product is furniture that is designed for use at physical points of sale. This is a highly specialized type of manufacturing that involves very precise machinery, materials and professionals.

Having our own production facilities, machinery and manufacturing processes allows us to control every step in the process, ensuring that the final product is absolutely faithful to the original idea from the design and development phase.

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Manufacturing Process


There are three key aspects that define our manufacturing process. The first is the versatility and quality of the materials we use. The second is the use of  increasingly sustainable raw materials (bio and ecological) in keeping with the latest trends, and the assurance that all processes are environmentally friendly. And the third aspect is the development of our own manufacturing methodology that incorporates the most state-of-the-art technology on the market. Our projects demand innovation and excellence.


Carefully Controlled Finish Work

From technical planning to the finished product, the entire process of manufacturing retail furniture is carefully controlled. We have the ability to supervise the production process every step of the way. We can adapt, adjust or modify any aspect, no matter how small, to ensure that the end products we install in shops are of the highest quality. This ability, and the fact that we do not depend on third parties, is one of the reasons why the most well-known luxury brands trust us for their retail projects.

We offer multiple manufacturing solutions

It is our mission to always to offer the very best furniture manufacturing solution to each customer. Display cases, PLVs, backwalls, corners, stands, promotional spaces, complete shops, shop in shops, displays. We’re ready to take on any type of project.



A corner is a privileged location within a point of sale which is used to create a specific promotional space for a brand. Corners are used in product launches, special offers, sweepstakes or specific brand promotions. They may or may not be accompanied by customer service.

We are specialists in corners for large retail spaces, perfumeries and cosmetics stores. We design, manufacture and install everything from simple corners to more complex solutions that include beauty booths, counters, diagnostics and any other feature that the project may require.

Fabricación de Corners


We design, manufacture and install all kinds of backwalls for points of sale, including seasonal, temporary and permanent. It is our job to blend brand image and sales requirements into the final product.

Frabriación de Backwalls


A stand is an enclosed 360º space within a point of sale or a larger retail space. It is used to display products or sell services. Stands are normally used for direct customers service, so it is important that they faithfully reflect the brand’s philosophy and corporate image.

We design, manufacture and install stands for all types of sectors. We offer a wide variety of stands: Personalized, itinerant, exterior, interior, creative or thematic, luxury, mass consumption, custom-made, etc.

Fabricación de Stands

Construction of Promotional Spaces

We build temporary or permanent promotional spaces on an ad-hoc basis. With our extensive catalogue of materials and finishes, we can satisfy the customer’s technical and creative requirements, adapting any space to accommodate a specific promotional campaign or action. We handle everything from the integral design of the retail space from inception to the production of all commercial furniture, lighting and the final interior design.

Fabrica de Espacios Promocionales

Shop in Shop Manufacturing

We work with shop in shop projects to generate specialized retail spaces inside shops or larger retail spaces. We can handle everything from the design on paper to the smallest details of the final installation. Shop in shops are points of sale of brands or firms that are located inside a larger retail space. They usually have their own accesses, walls, different materials and a very powerful image to differentiate them from the rest of the space. They really are like a shop within a shop.

Fabricación Shop in Shop

Complete Shops

We work on comprehensive projects for the creation of complete shops, including design, manufacturing and installation in the physical space.

We have the ability to undertake the entire cycle of creating a retail project for a complete store: from designing and planning to manufacturing and installing the retail furniture. In addition, with our full-service maintenance of the in-store point, the furniture is always like new and saves the customer money in the long term.

Fabriación de Tiendas Completas


A display is a small or medium sized unit that is placed on a counter, in a shop window or other location within the point of sale to draw the shopper’s attention to a product or service.

We design and manufacture all kinds of visual advertising supports (displays) for retail spaces and points of sale. Our solutions are fully customized in terms of design and materials: plastic, wood, metal, glass, LED lighting, etc.

Fabricación de Display

6.000m2 [

We have our own fully-equipped 6,000 m2 factory where we create all kinds furniture and fixtures for retail spaces.

Our Vision of Furniture Manufacturing

This is the highlight of any retail furniture project: the moment of truth. This is when we transition from the design table to the assembly line, from graphic work to factory work, from the plan to the prototype, and from there to production. It is the time when Aluma3 delivers what our customers are expecting from us: quality, innovation, design and guarantee. To get to this point, Aluma3 has been working for more than 30 years for top luxury brands at the forefront of retail furniture, manufacturing all kinds of products: shop in shop, corners, gondolas, backwalls, flagships, stands, etc.

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Furniture Manufacturing, Retail Spaces and Furnishing Projects

In this section you will find a sampling of our most notable retail furniture manufacturing projects. We have completed countless projects for some of Spain’s top retailers.