Ideas made real for our customers

Perfumerías Júlia – Girona (Spain)

We are proud to begin our collaboration with Perfumerías Júlia with the technical development, manufacture and implementation of their new perfume shop in Girona.


Perfumerías Juliá is without a doubt one of the benchmarks in the sector of quality perfumery. With a family history that goes back to Júlia Bonet, its founder, it started in 1939 one of the first perfumeries in Spain with products brought from France. Nowadays, with more than 600 collaborators and more than 70 establishments, it makes the difference due to the personalized and professional treatment it offers to its customers.

The retail project

This project starts with an open space in which we needed to project several delimited areas and a very specific sales and advice route. Our design and development team shaped the ideas and needs of the client, establishing the layout of the different areas and the general creative line of the interior, always maintaining the corporate essence of Júlia.


The essence of the project was to generate an orderly, balanced sales environment with a focus on the sides, marking a large central space. To achieve this, we used light marble veins on the floor, a material that provides shine, cleanliness and durability.

The entrance to the establishment is simple, minimalist and gives that sense of order that permeates the entire retail project.


Vertical panels in corporate green have been implemented, covering from the floor to the ceiling and visually separating the side sales spaces, providing the customer with a clear visual path. The upper signs also help to visualize the products, which are very precisely separated.

For the lighting, key points of high light have been sought, alternating with general lighting that does not generate excessive brightness. Zenithal and diffused light points have also been strategically placed on the side product panels.

For the checkout area, a parallelism has been sought with the entrance to the establishment, working with straight volumes and finishing off the set in a very visual way, thanks to the corporate panel at the back.


The differentiation in this project comes from the hand of the values of the brand, based on the differentiation, the personalized advice to the client and the excellence in the product.

The core of this retail space has been to give expression to these values through a clearly defined central space for personalised customer advice. A large central mirror framed in light serves as a central reference point. The armchair, in leather and metal, supports the feeling of professionalism of the expert, reinforcing the process of advice and sale.

It has been a pleasure for us to take on this project from scratch and to be able to develop this commercial space for a brand as respected as Júlia perfumeries. If you also want to start your retail project of perfumery contact our team.

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