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Urban Decay Stand- Siam Mall (Tenerife-Spain)

Our last work in collaboration with Urban Decay for their new stand in Tenerife Siam Mall.

Urban Decay

La marca californiana de maquillaje y cosmética Urban Decay inició su actividad en la década de los 90 y actualmente pertenece a L’Oreal. Su propuesta de valor radica en la valentía y creatividad de su gama de colores, herederos de la estética grunge de los 90. 

The Retail Project

The Californian brand of makeup and cosmetics Urban Decay began its activity in the 90s and currently belongs to L’Oreal. Its value proposal lies in the courage and creativity of its colour range, heirs to the grunge aesthetic of the 90s.


The corporate black ties up the whole stand and serves to highlight the logo in a very visual way. Glass and matt and glossy finishes have been used alternately, giving the whole thing elegance and robustness. 

Two counters with a touch effect have been designed and are complemented by the illuminated mirrors. The curved shapes of the furniture contrast with the straight lines of the stand itself and the rest of the commercial furniture elements. The narrow, visually aligned drawer units reinforce this sensation of balanced shapes.

Key points of high zenithal light have been sought for the lighting, which blends in with the blurred effect of the illuminated dressing tables.

In one of the corners, a point has been defined for rotation with product shelves designed for specific offers or promotions.

UD_Siam Mall_02


The differentiation in this project comes from the hand of the values of the brand, based on elegance, rock lifestyle and creative glamour.

The axis of this retail space has been to express these values through a clearly defined central space and the alternation of materials and lighting points. We have worked on adapting the space well to the brand’s guideline and making it possible to understand at a glance the values it aims to convey.

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UD_Siam Mall_03